Bolt & Stud Thread Engagement: <br /> An Important Detail


Most of us don’t stop to think very long about the threads on bolts and studs.  But like all the component parts in your piping system, they are also contributing to the overall integrity and safety of your system.  Let’s look at bolt and stud threads, and why thread protrusion and thread engagement are two […]

Gate Valves

Obtaining reliable flow control in industrial applications is challenging. One solution to consider is the gate valve. Gate valves control flow with a wedge or disc that lifts in and out of the flow path.  As with any valve, there are pros and cons to its design and use. Reference the following chart and additional […]

Ball Valve Classifications

Cool Ball Valves Photo

The popular quarter-turn ball valve deserves a deep dive. It has a variety of features that can expand its serviceability into many applications. One way to classify ball valves is by their design, bore, body type, ball access, seat type, and special options. Under each classification are features to consider when specifying your next ball […]

How to Read the Standard of New England Pipe Chart

Standard of New England’s Pipe Chart describes the physical dimensions and weight of standardized pipe. Pipe is manufactured  according to these standardized physical characteristics. When looking at our Pipe Chart, choose either the Pipe Size or O.D. size from the two far-left columns as your starting point.  Then choose the schedule from the top row. Find where […]