Is a Project Consultation Right for Your Job?

36" pipeline expansion joint for North Washington St bridge

A Project Consultation with Standard of New England gives you the full benefits of a knowledgeable partner on your team for those complex and technical projects. Read about an example in our blog post “A Story About Pipe & Having Our Customer’s Back.”    

Our process

First, we’ll have you run us through the project. We’re not being nosy (we do sign NDAs if needed), and this review can make all the difference. In the beginning of every project consultation our chief concerns are application conditions, project goals, and budget requirements. We’ll utilize our industry knowledge to answer your questions and ask some of our own, such as:

  • What are your expectations? We’ll work with you to balance lead time, logistics, and budgetary concerns.
  • In what way will the application conditions affect your piping system? Getting this right the first time can save time, money, and potential harm.
  • Do you have every product you will need to complete this project? We know you’re focused on the bigger picture, so we’ll focus on the details.
  • Need a second pair of eyes? We want to put you in the best position for success, and in some cases that means coming out to the jobsite and sharing our on-ground expertise.
  • Need products ASAP? We know that in this industry, things can change on a dime. We’ll find the best shipping options for a variety of situations.

Based on our discussions, coupled with our own research, we will provide you with a responsible quote. If conditions change or new factors must be considered, we are committed to getting everything right until you are satisfied and confident in ordering. And as always, we’ll maintain open communications making sure that everything is delivered as requested and expected.

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