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We offer an extensive fleet of tools for sale or rent to complete your fusion installations:

· Bench Shop Welding Tools 
· Fitting Fabrication Tools
· Hydraulic Field Welding Tools
· Saws
· Socket Welding Tools

Our machines are maintained to the highest standards to ensure you receive a quality fusion tool every time. Please call today for additional information and rates.


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Standard of New England is proud to be an independent supplier of pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, expansion joints, and specialty products. The business has been owned and operated by a U.S. military veteran and his wife since 1996. We are an Independent Supplier, therefore the needs and concerns of our customers and employees always come first! For example, we offer Project Consultations with complex orders. Our Order Management System gives you one professional and knowledgeable point-person who manages your order from beginning to end. Need documentation? Just let us know. Whatever you need, your point-person will know how to help. And of course, communication is key! That’s why there are no automated phone systems when you call us. Providing one-on-one communication with real people is important to us because we understand your time is valuable. Finally, we are always learning new things, updating our processes, and sharing what we know. 

We are proud to represent Aquatherm Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings for the Northeast. Color-coded for application identification, there are two options:

Blue Pipe offers a unique faser-composite technology, making it a perfect alternative to steel, stainless steel, copper, and plastic in many piping systems. With corrosion-free and expansion control properties, it is the best solution for many heating, cooling, geothermal, compressed air and other industrial applications.

Green Pipe is free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals making it ideal for potable applications such as hot and cold water, food grade applications, swimming pools, and fire sprinkler systems. 

Download Aquatherm Literature: Design & Planning GuideParts GuideInstaller Manual, and Other Literature

Standard of New England offers a fusion training program for Polypropylene piping systems by our certified professionals. Small group or one-on-one training is done in our training facility to provide individual attention to all attendees. Training includes:

Use of Our Fusion Tool Fleet
Socket Fusion Training 4-inch and smaller
Butt Fusion Training 4-inch and larger
Outlet Fusion Training
Classroom Training
Hands-on Training
Q&A Session
Certificate of Completion
Compliance with Manufacturer’s Warranty
Certificate Renewal Reminder
Fusion training is not just for contractors. Members of your system support team can benefit from becoming trained installers as well:

Maintenance Professionals
Maintenance Engineers
Plant Owners
Brewery Owners and Engineers
Municipal Engineering and Installation Departments
Mechanical Contractors
Certification is valid for 2 full years and is easily renewed with a refresher course.

Our full line of Fusion Tools is available for purchase or to rent daily, weekly or monthly.

After completing the Aquatherm Fusion Training at Standard of New England your projects can be covered by the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts, labor, personal injury, and incidental damages caused by material failure due to manufacturer defect. See the Aquatherm website for additional information on their warranty.