Industrial Dampers

As the New England Representatives to the industry leader of industrial dampers, we are able to offer:

Butterfly Dampers manufactured in both round, rectangular, single and multi-blade configurations for isolation applications with or without seal air. 

Guillotine Dampers with Flex-Seat Seals, in round and rectangular options for a cost-effective isolation with a solid plate blade.

Louver Dampers with Flex-Ledge Seals in parallel and opposed blade configurations for an efficient seal in isolation applications. 

Radial Vane Dampers for the control of gas entering. 

Diverter Dampers in round or rectangular configurations for waste heat control during startup of equipment. 

Poppet Dampers for closing quickly in isolation applications. 

All Industrial Dampers are engineered per application. Please contact us for additional information. 

Industrial Dampers
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