Polypropylene Piping

We are proud to represent Aquatherm Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings for the Northeast. Color-coded for application identification, there are two options:

Blue Pipe offers a unique faser-composite technology, making it a perfect alternative to steel, stainless steel, copper, and plastic in many piping systems. With corrosion-free and expansion control properties, it is the best solution for many heating, cooling, geothermal, compressed air and other industrial applications.

Green Pipe is free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals making it ideal for potable applications such as hot and cold water, food grade applications, swimming pools, and fire sprinkler systems. 


PP fusion installation requires training and fusion tools. Ask us about our fleet of rental tools.

Fusion Training

Rental Tools

Who should use Polypropylene Piping Systems?

Chilled Water Distribution Centers


Government and Military Facilities

Medical Facilities

High Rise Buildings

Food and Beverage




Sports Stadiums

Campus Central Heating and Hot Water Stations

Data Centers