Standard of New England is an independent industrial supplier of pipe, valves, fittings, and expansion joints.  We understand how to supply technical and complex industrial piping systems (in addition to your general needs).  We are proud to be a New England company with major customers and accounts throughout the entire country who appreciate the value and advantages of working with and purchasing from an Independent Supplier:

Partnership – An Independent Supplier is a real partner – collaborating, helping with research, exploring options, and “having your back” with fair pricing and customer support.

Independence –An Independent Supplier is not controlled by outside stockholders or stakeholders and makes its own decisions based upon customer needs (not corporate greed).

Customized Solutions – An Independent Supplier understands that one-size does not fit all and can be flexible in customizing solutions to help meet your individual project and/or plant needs.

Business is Personal – Automation is great, but when you need to talk to a real person, an Independent Supplier understands that you need a knowledgeable partner who is reachable and responsive.

Questions – Not only do you have questions, but your Independent Supplier has questions for you too!  We won’t make assumptions that can jeopardize your job — asking questions back-and-forth supports a true partnership.