About us – at a glance:

Our objective

·         To be a knowledgeable and reliable independent source for industries requiring proper piping products in their plants, for their systems, and at their jobsites.

A brief history

·         1983 – John Brady, President of Standard of New England, was introduced to the marine industry serving aboard the Coast Guard Cutters Alert, Dallas, Maui and Tamaroa.

·         1988 – John began his career in the Pipe, Valves & Fittings industry.

·         1996 – John had an opportunity to purchase a failing business in New Hampshire and decided to take the risk.  That company had an urgent need for a whole new business model and plan.  The old company was methodically replaced and Standard of New England, LLC was created.  Gone was the focus on plumbing and heating and a new path was forged focusing on industrial piping products.  Our success now is deeply rooted in how hard we have worked every day since day one.

·         2001 – Standard of New England purchased land and built a new company headquarters at our current location.

·         2006 – Established our Manufacturer’s Rep Division for expansion joints.

·         2010 – Renewed Commitment to our Customers and Vendors to continue pulling through the recession/”new normal” together.

·         2014 – After working in the business for thirteen years Julie Brady became a managing partner in the Company, overseeing the bath and kitchen sales showroom (Portsmouth Bath Company) as well as the HR, Marketing, and Accounting Departments.

·         2017 – Established Fusion Tool Division offering rentals and for-purchase.

·         Ongoing – Reevaluations and upgrades to our processes and procedures to enhance the value we provide to our customers. Continuous education and learning.

On being an independent wholesaler/distributor

·         Being independent gives us the flexibility to cater to our customers’ unique needs.  We can give every customer and their project the individual attention they deserve.

·         We are driven to earn our customers’ business and respect by becoming their most trusted and valued source for intelligent information, quality products, and hard-to-find items.

·         We do not have an automated telephone service.  You will always speak to a real, live person when you call us during normal business hours.  We will always keep you in the loop regarding your order – availability, lead times, delivery dates, etc. 

·         Our professional salespeople not only take your order but are also intelligent resources for information and solutions.  We are known for being able to make suggestions that best meet each customer’s particular situation.

·         Although we take great pride in being a New England company, we supply customers and clients throughout the United States and around the world.  We deliver/ship to jobs in all fifty states and have shipped to countries in every continent except Antarctica.

·         We have over twenty years of industry experience selling to the energy sector, construction companies, and manufacturing facilities.  We also supply Government & Municipality projects.

·         Our product industry knowledge covers a wide range of materials: piping, valves, fittings, metal and fabric expansion joints, industrial dampers, rubber expansion joint, flex connectors, engineered plastics, polypropylene-random, fusion tools, studs, bolts, nuts, gaskets.  We are also well versed in metals and exotic materials.


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